We only have power in the present

As we get into more favorable weather (one hesitates to use the term “summer” just yet) I realize that there are just too many tasks that need doing.  Even though it is now dusk until midnight, and full daylight before 5, my personal energy resource has already become overwhelmed.

I will continue to post throughout the summer on Fridays with an occasional random post here and there as befits the situation. Thanks for visiting the blog and I hope your own summer is productive and rewarding.


You Can’t Push The River

For the last few weeks I’ve been in “flu-land” and I’ve noticed that concentrating on the the things in the world that I tend to find worthy of treating with satire hasn’t necessarily made me feel better… the situations in say, Japan or Libya for instance, or how in this country our elected representatives have been performing their little dance of democracy has made having the flu seem like a picnic in the park, but all things being relative, I’m still going to take a breather and get back to it soon.

Mental Health Break

Part of the antidote to our problems is to remember spend time with those we love. I’ll be back next week, keep the faith.

Joe Miller- Enemy of a Free Press

In a recent full-page newspaper ad Joe lists his top 10 ideas for congress, and right at the top of the list is “Listen to the people”.  Also on that list is “Live under the same laws you pass for everybody else”, and “Follow the Constitution”. The recent incident of Miller’s private security detail physically restraining a reporter from the Alaska Dispatch because Miller finds it inconvenient to answer questions about his background he has demonstrated just how much he values the Constitution and the rights afforded the press. Way to go Joe.

Summer Solstice

    We’re about ten weeks into this blog, and yesterday, being Solstice marks the “official” beginning of summer.  Here on the Kenai Peninsula we are just kicking it into high-gear with projects and work that lingered from before winter. Yeah, I know-Solstice has now passed and many of y’all have been baking, sweating, planting, weeding and what-all for months already….but on our slice of paradise all of  that’s just starting.

Two weeks ago I was walking in the woods near my studio past an unmelted mound of snow-but when summer does arrive things grow FAST! and burning the candle at both ends becomes the norm…

Yesterday we celebrated Solstice by stopping all of our projects and heading down to a nearby beach in the evening. We sat around a bonfire with friends and watched the  kids and dogs swimming in the ocean and the adults marvelled that kids in Alaska are so hearty.

This beach is on Cook Inlet, where large tankers and oil wells co-exist with salmon, halibut, beluga whales and serenity. You can see on the left in the above picture Mt. Illiamna, which is a live volcano, and the sun is setting and making it hard to see another live volcano, Mt. Redoubt. You don’t see a third volcano, Mt. Augustine, but it is just to the left of Illiamna.

   While kicking back on the beach, one of the subjects that came up with the adults was the BP gulf oil spill…   because there is a proposed gold mine “prospect” across the inlet and near Lake Illiamna (reportedly the largest deposit of gold in North America) we are very aware that greed could also turn this marvelous area that we value so dearly into another disaster of horrific proportions.

I mentioned the volcanoes, and this is earthquake country as well, yet the Pebble Mine people want to construct earthen dams higher than Hoover Dam to contain the toxic tailings that the mine will produce. At the same time, the mine developer would like us to believe that the industry is capable of self regulating potential problems  without need for any oversight…which at this point, after the BP Gulf oil spill, and the Tennesee coal-ash spill sounds like a fairy tale.

The above photo was taken from our porch at 11:35 pm on summer Solstice 2010. The fog had just started rolling in, and in fact is still with us as I write this. Unless we are vigilant and continue to pay attention to  how industry wants to change the world around us, the sweet places in the world could evaporate as fast as the fog in a breeze.

…I will return with satire and goofiness next post. I’m so happy that summer is finally here!

We’re All Arizonans Now!

Snowbird, grifter, carpetbagger, watchout- she’s a slippery one! Coming to a speaking engagement (hopefully NOT)near you.