How Alaskans Feel About Palin


6 Responses

  1. *smile*

    PS – you need a link to post to other places like Twitter here. Will make it nice & easy to spread your visual endeavors around much more easily.

  2. She is still, Alaska’s. Her film is about how she did a wonderful job as their Mayor and Governor.
    She is still on drill baby drill.

    She will always be a thorn for, Alaskans. She will never allow them to forget.

    She wants their praise. She needs it. She will never get this from the Arizonians.

    • She ain’t getting much praise from us these days…but remember: she was born in Idaho!

      • You sure about that? What about Sally/Chuck mentioning Canada in their past? Has $P shown her USA long form birth certificate?


  3. from SPAK to SPAZ……she is just such a joke

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