No Fracking Way!

Hydraulic Fracturing is one of those practices that defies the common good and pits private profit against public safety. The following is a review of the documentary “Gasland” by Thom Hartmann:

Both aesthetically and practically, there are several things that make Josh Fox’s documentary “Gasland” extraordinary and unique – and, frankly, the sort of view that will make you want to share it with everybody you know (particularly if they are politically active or an elected official!).
The first is that Josh Fox – the guy who made the movie – is also the guy who lived the story.  Rarely do we find this combination in a documentary, and when we do it’s often because somebody who was already an accomplished documentarian went out in search of a story to jump into and make a movie from.  In this case, the story started with Josh being offered what are really big bucks – $100,000 – for poor people in rural Pennsylvania, if only he’d let his land be used to drill for natural gas.
This started Fox on his odyssey, which led him from the hills of Pennsylvania, across the American Midwest and West, and ultimately to discoveries about mind-bogglingly corrupt deals made by the Bush Administration and Dick Cheney which – literally – have and continue to poison American citizens. Continue reading here.

“Fracking” practices are also threatening Cooperstown N.Y. and the Baseball Hall of Fame:


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  1. As long as the oil and gas industry buys legislators, the Earth is on borrowed time.

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