the Gentry Owned Party

(The following piece was written by Stephen Pizzo for Truthout at Buzzflash)

George Orwell in 2011: Inconvenient Facts Vanish

Help me out here; does 2 + 2 still equal 4? I think so, but who knows for how much longer?

All it seems to take for truth to become an untruth these days is for the truth to get in someone’s way. Then, what had become settled fact begins a process of de-truthification.

First “interested parties” stop referring to something as fact, and instead start referring to it as merely “a theory,” or “opinion.” Then talk show hosts — in cahoots with those aforesaid “interested parties” — start referring to the offending fact as “theory,” adding that “some people believe” something completely different. Then, without identifying those “some people,” they move on to casting doubt on the validity of even the former fact’s now diminished theory-hood.

Once the former fact has been demoted the process moves on to vilifying those trying to defend the fact, accusing them of being “interested parties” with their own agenda.

Finally they roll out the replacement “fact” which then becomes the basis from any further discussions, legislation or laws. These replacement facts, of course, always bear a startling resemblance to the views of the “interested parties” that started the de-truthification process to begin with.

Both political parties are guilty of this ugly business, but hands down, Republicans are the champs of re-factification. This is itself a fact easily proven, if by no other means than the piles of dead in Iraq and Afghanistan, killed by Cheney/Bush’s de-truthification to justify those two wars.  (The rest of this article can be found here)


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