Hate Speech 2011

Several posts ago I mentioned that over the New Year I would be traveling with my family. I’m at a loss as to how to describe our experiences between then and now, but we’ve been far enough down the rabbit hole to marvel and be truly grateful for the stability and normalcy of our funky everyday life here in rural Alaska. (There is no place like home!)
It wasn’t until Sunday afternoon between flight changes in Seattle that I heard about the shootings in Tucson including the attempted assassination of Congresswoman Giffords. I will tell you that given the climate of hate and divisiveness that the media in this country seems to promote and celebrate I am not surprised that an event such as this would happen- disgusted, and angry, yes, but certainly not surprised.
It’s not difficult to see a direct connection between negative rhetoric demonizing a segment of our population and this shooting. Rush Limbaugh, Bill O’Reilly, Glen Beck, Sarah Palin and other hate-mongers have spent years stoking the fires of hatred in the hearts of many ignorant and twisted minds in the name of “entertainment”. I could give a rats ass if Bono says the f-word on the air or if the world gets to see Janet Jackson’s plastic titty, but that’s the kind of behavior that the FCC feels it needs to regulate, not the violent hateful screed of many  right-wing pundits.
I believe that free speech is a cornerstone of democracy but that members of the media who intentionally use negative and divisive language have perverted the intention of free speech and have been supremely irresponsible in the name of “ratings”.
I understand that Mr. Limbaugh devoted a recent program to distancing himself and his cronies-in-hate from the actions of the man who shot those in Tucson. It will take much more than one show and a bunch of chicken shit back peddling to neutralize years of spewing sick and debilitating divisiveness.

In this post we use a favorite Limbaugh term and “aim” it (like a survey marker, doncha know) where it seems much more appropriate.

During the Bush Years we were told that “terrorism” is violence in the name of a cause”. Mentally disturbed shooter or not, the shootings in Tucson was domestic terrorism, and the careless rhetoric of Palin, Limbaugh, etc. have encouraged the crippling climate of violence in the United Sates

To quote the quitter: We’re all Arizonans now.


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