Voter apathy benefits those in power.
In our country’s distant past those who wanted to retain power for themselves limited voting rights to those white male citizens who owned property. Black People, Women, Native Americans, and those under  21 have all been denied the right to vote in our election process. The 2000 presidential election was decided, not by voters, but by the Supreme Court. In the 2004 election cycle GOP dirty trickster and Karl Rove protegé Tim Griffin was accused of “Voter Caging”, which resulted in challenging the votes of many soldiers then serving in Iraq as well as others legitimately registered voters. This election, we hear of undisclosed, secret money pouring into campaigns to influence election outcome.

If you are uncertain of the importance of your vote, or you know someone who is unconvinced that his or her vote is important, consider this: If each individual vote makes no difference, then why are certain groups and people committing so much time money and effort to sway, discourage, eliminate, or outright buy your vote and this election?

Granted, the election process in the U.S. has turned into an odd game, but the sure way for you to lose is if you don’t participate at all.


Please check back on Friday November 5 for a new post.


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