To Tweet or Not to Tweet

One of the kids at our house is participating in a play by Shakespeare and cracked up when I explained how the Quitter Queen likened herself to the Bard when she got her words a little mixed up and confusticated. Even he gets that she-who-quits would be a rotten leader, but then he’s studying Shakespeare, so there are some dramatic examples of demented leadership to compare her with.

Acting like Palin has thoughts that deserve to be treated as news feels like bullying by a pathetic media that sucks up her pronouncements and spews them back to “consumers” as noteworthy “news”. It also feels like the Twighlight Zone to many Alaskans who are sick of her divisiveness and self-serving rhetoric.

Palin has been commenting on the “Ground Zero Mosque” issue ad-nauseum, which in itself is bizzare-her being a small-town no-nothing from the sticks. Especially in this instance she reminds one of a teenage girl trying to stir up conflict between two boys. I think that it’s more Palin-distraction from the actual issues (like how shamefully we have cared for the Firefighters and Medics who responded to the Twin Towers Tragedy! -or how poorly the U.S. treats its veterans.)

This article by Jim Hightower is very thought-provoking… if you have a couple of minutes, please check it out:


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