Let’s drop down into another, not necessarily parallel, reality: the nuttiness that is Alaskan politics. We’ve had a man representing us in Washington for over 30 years who is so arrogant and obnoxious that he tells critics that if they didn’t vote for him that he doesn’t need to listen to their concerns. We’ve seen a number of state legislators tried and convicted on corruption charges, a former senator elected governor who gave his senate seat to his daughter, and of course we have an attention-seeking former governor who quit and left our state to a loyal milk-toast toady whose main attribute is that he was a high school buddy who didn’t annoy her.

Now comes Joe Miller. Many people come from elsewhere to make a new life in Alaska, and Joe is unexceptional in that regard-raised in Kansas and a graduate of both West Point and Yale who is styling himself as an Alaskan “for the people” and opposed to the Washington-politics-as-usual. It’s been said that he wants to do away with the Social Security program and he has called unemployment benefits “unconstitutional”. In a state where each resident receives an annual share of oil revenues, and is among the top 3 states receiving federal assistance dollars, his opinion seems a bit disingenuous, to say the least. Joe infamously tweeted of Lisa Murkowski during the recent primary race in which he bested her that she had sold out her party “like the world’s oldest profession”, obviously forgetting that politics is the world’s second oldest profession. Way to go Astroturf Joe, he’ll say anything to get elected!


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