I really do love living in Alaska, but what-passed-for-summer this year has kicked my tail hard enough for me to admit that I can’t keep up the pace that I set for myself…I figure we have about 6 more weeks of non-winter, and then it’s going to slow down enough to where I’m not juggling so many projects, or by then I’ll be croaked.  

   Besides, amusing as she is, keeping a focus on the misadventures of the Quitter Queen also takes a toll- can she really be that whacky and people still think she is a kind of leader that will help us through these  increasingly weird and scary times ? Obviously the Tv-tuned masses are not looking very hard or they want to see what they want to see. The way I feel about our former half-governor is sort of like when people come from out of town to visit and you try real hard to make sure they stay away from that restaurant where everyone who eats there gets the trots-the locals know the score, but there are always new unsuspecting victims.

At any rate, today I gotta cry “uncle” and bail on a more elaborate post. The above sunset image was one of the few we’ve seen this summer we even saw the moon for a few night last week! I’ll return on Tuesday with something that has a little more zing and spice, so please visit again.


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