If you follow the money, the folks that manufacture weapons seem to be making quite a lot of it…is it a chicken and egg situation: do we need more weapons and ways to control one another because people are just too darn evil, or does having the means to destroy one another in an infinite number of ways take society down to the basest level?  Tasers were marketed to be an alternative to having to shoot someone with a gun, and it was said that would save lives. But so far almost 500 people worldwide have died after being shocked by a Taser, and they continue to be used in situations that remain quite questionable. For example the youngest person to be tasered was only 6 years old, and the oldest person that we know of to have been tasered was 89 years old. Please visit the “Truth Not Tasers” site for a good discussion and a list of people worldwide who have died from taser abuse.

Big thanks to Kate for inspiring this post. _______________________________________________________________________________________

  One other odd little thing today: the word is that the Polarizing Palin will be down in Homer on Saturday filming a segment of her “reality program” on a Halibut processor. (can’t you just picture her pardoning a halibut while standing in front of others being “processed”). If the opportunity presents,  it could be a very good opportunity to let her know how Alaskans feel about quitters.

      Update:BIG  Thanks to Kathleen in Homer for expressing how many of us feel about Palin… please see:


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