The Queen of Polarization

It is starting to be more and more obvious that Palin really doesn’t have much to bring to the table beyond snark and distortion. For some though, her manic tweets and twitters evidently echo the half-thoughts and illogical conclusions bouncing around in their own Fox-disinformed noggins to believe that she-who-quits would/could be a viable leader capable of offering rational and thoughtful options for the future. She couldn’t handle the pressure of being governor of Alaska, so she quit. She keeps accusing the media of distorting what she says, but everything that comes out of her mouth seems to be 180 degrees from the reality many of us know to be true. For example how can continuing the tax cuts for rich Americans (amounting to 38 BILLION over 10 years) help any but the wealthy in times when vital tax-funded services are being cut to schools, veterans, the environment, our transportation infrastructure, and many other parts of the whole that benefit the majority? Palin is just full of hot air and can’t overcome her addiction to being the center of attention…she IS the Queen of Polarization.


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