Tweeter Twit

That Sarah is using “Twitter” to communicate her thoughts seems quite fitting…in just a few days she has spat out several tidbits that certainly accentuate the wisdom of not sending something out before proof reading or checking for reality content…obviously the one that inspired the above piece is her referring to “Sugar Tooth Peak” as “Sweet Tooth”, (see ). But there were also several other Sarahtwits that got attention the one where she picks at the scab of  the Twin Towers attack in NYC in the name of “Healing”. I think the only healing this woman may be familiar with is how you make a dog walk next to you when it you bring it to town. Sit! Stay! Heal! (Shannyn Moore has a few thoughts on this one here:  …and then,  she  magically squirmed out of looking like a twit for tweeting non-existent words by comparing herself to Shakespeare…huh?


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