The gulf oil spill tragedy began long before the actual spill…the previous administration did all it could to weaken any governmental oversight, and regulations were written by industry lobbyists and not those who had concern for the environment or those who live in it.

We have lobbyists who used to be legislators actively working to weaken laws meant to help the majority in favor of those who are willing to pay the most to get what they want. That doesn’t sound exactly like democracy to me….

BP’s effort to “Control the Message”  has meant “controlling the media”, which also sounds a little less like the open and free society that many of us want to believe is the way things are in the US.

Having said all that, check this out:,0,3043517,full.story?om_rid=DXn0aN&om_mid=_BMF3X1B8Lfy9r4&


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