America by Heart


Sarah Palin is travelling around the country as a private citizen charging money to say mean and nasty things about people “on the other team”. Everytime Sarah opens her mouth these days she dumps on somebody, mostly the president…like a quitter could do a better job. Lately she has accused Obama of being influenced by campaign contributions from BP, and who did Todd work for up on the Slope untill just recently?- Wasn’t it BP ?   Palin also recently said that Obama is an “OPM addict”, which she pronounced as”Opium addict”, meaning that he’s addicted to “Other People’s Money”…. She must think we’ve forgotten  the “campaign clothes” issue of the 2008 election and how little ol’ Sarah and family ran up someone’s credit card to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars just so she could look like she didn’t get dressed at Wallmart…and then there are her “speaking” fees. I say “NO CENTS FOR NONSENSE” on that issue. 

In her quest for the money Sarah is doing far more to pull America down than to help build a sustainable system.


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